Vehicle Inspection/Repair

We provide full restoration and inspection services using computer diagnostic software 

Panel Beating & Spray Painting

Accidentally hit a pillar while turning out of a parking lot? 

Fleet Management

We handle corporate fleet maintenance at a cost effective price.

Detailing Service

Get your car to look as good as new. We provide interior and exterior detailing and care.

We are a one-stop car servicing and automotive repair workshop. Our services include vehicle repair, inspection, fleet management, detailing, accident claims and repair.


Accident Repair & Claims Services

We provide major and minor accident repair services including damage assessment, roadside assistance, parts replacement, spray painting, panel beating and servicing. For spray painting, we use the distinguished DeBeer Refinish Berobase 500 from Netherlands for our paint works. DeBeer Refinish offers a high quality color mixing system with a wide range of finishes, from VOC compliant water-based and high solid systems to conventional basecoat and 2K acrylate systems. We deliver the finest results, catered to your car's aesthetic needs.


We specialise in third party claims for all insurance companies.

Detailing Service

Restore shine to your vehicle's appearance at an affordable price with JPConceptz. We provide internal/ external grooming and we have restored vintage cars from a 1973 Rolls Royce to a Porche 911 GT3. We offer a 3 stages of paint correction to give the paintwork its pristine luster and a full body paint protection film to protect it from the elements like gravel, rock, bird droppings and key marks.

Car Servicing

A routine maintenance is crucial to keep your vehicle in a good working condition and be assured that your car is handled by our experienced mechanics. We provide:

1. Regular and major servicing
2. Annual pre-inspection
3. Pre-purchase inspection
4. Wheel alignment