Car Interior


JP Concepts offers a 360-degree range of services to meet all your car needs - from servicing and diagnostics, detailing and accident repairs, to a full suite of maintenance and automotive repair services, the possibilities are endless…It is truly a one-stop service workshop that can handle all the needs of your car and provide that assurance and comfort that you are searching for, at a reasonable cost. We recognise every customer is unique, with different needs and we strive to provide customised individual packages, where possible.

Our regular servicing package includes systematic inspection, testing and correction of failures and accurate detection of possible defects.

Our highly trained and skilled automotive service technicians conduct quality control by performing the required checks and recommend corrections, where required. They also identify the need for replacement parts, which comply with the highest technological requirements of the manufacturer and use only original genuine parts, with warranty provision. To address customers’ concerns on COVID-19, we offer disinfectant service, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria.

We build our reputation on honesty where your safety, comfort and convenience remain our priority. This is the commitment and quality of service that our customers have come to expect of us.

One of Singapore’s most established and dependable workshops, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, our testimonials and positive customer reviews do not come by chance.