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Panel Beating

Panel beating is the first step taken to repairing your slightly crumpled ride. The panels are either pulled out or knocked in to shape it to the original contours of the car. Further refinement is done by grinding and then putty. Then it's off the the paint booth.

Having the right person for the right job is crucial. That's why we here at JP Conceptz, have our own in house panel beater.


From minor to major dents and scratches, the JP Conceptz repair team will assess the severity of the damage and course of action. Our panel beating team will ensure that all the damage is repaired and your car will return to a new finish.


Our spray painting team will ensure your car will have a new finish, utilising the DeBeer paint system from The Netherlands. The DeBeer paint system will give your car the original gloss or matte finish. Colour change for your car can make a world of difference.

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