Panel Beating

Panel beating is the first step taken to repairing your slightly crumpled ride. The panels are either pulled out or knocked in to shape it to the original contours of the car. Further refinement is done by grinding and then putty. Then it's off the the paint booth.

Having the right person for the right job is crucial. That's why we here at JP Conceptz, have our own in house panel beater.

Accidentally hit a pillar while turning out of a parking lot? Reversed hard into a bollard? Or maybe your automatic gate closed on you while you were reversing into your porch? You exit the vehicle and cringe at the sight of the damage. It's dented and scratched severely. 

Want it to look brand new again?

What we do:
1. We pull out and flatten out deep dents by a panel beating process or by putty for shallow dents to essentially reshape the panel to its original shape and contour. (Putty cannot be used on deep dents as it would crack and break apart over time.) 

2. After the reshaping process is complete, priming and sanding is done to prepare the surface to accept the new paint layers. For complete colour change jobs, we would dismantle as much of the vehicle as possible to ensure a clean and thorough paint job. 


3. Utilizing our range of high quality matte or gloss paints by DeBeer, we are able to colour match exactly what your existing paint looks like, or for colour change jobs, your choice of colour, perhaps from a different car manufacturer. 

The colour would then be sealed in with several layers of clear coat to protect the paint underneath and would finally go through a process of Infra-red heat curing to ensure maximum hardness and degassing of the solvents.