Service Advisor

With five years of experience in automotive maintenance, repair and servicing, Eugene is a skilled technician whose strong technical skills enable him to run diagnostic tests effectively. Such is a professional who not only provides expert car repairs in a timely fashion but also delivers well within the estimated timeframe.

Without undervaluing his technical competence, Eugene’s customers appreciate his ability to understand what they want and need. His added ability to speak multi-languages endears him to his customers.

As car manufacturing processes are constantly evolving, technicians are expected to keep up and stay up to date with the latest technology. To this end, Eugene is no stranger to knowledge-based training courses and seminars. He embraces learning and takes on a systematic, organised and sequential approach to problem-solving. Recognised as the most reliable technician to perform repair services, Eugene has built a quiet but solid reputation as a quality-driven mechanic in the company. 

Eugene Wong


Service Advisor

Nick holds an excellent track record in detailing and repairs for vintage/ exotic/ luxury/ high performance cars. Armed with 12 years of experience in the automotive industry, Nick’s forte lies in automotive aesthetics, catering to a niche market of clients who demand the utmost in precision and artistry in every part of their driving experience.  

Nick’s eyes lit with pride when he shared that his team once worked on a 1973 Rolls Royce Phantom where the pressure to restore its beauty to exude its optimum lustre was immense. Notwithstanding the fact that there were only two of such historically rich vehicles in Singapore. Needless to say, the Rolls Royce Phantom now in pristine condition, takes pride of place in the owner’s garage.

“We place a high value on satisfying our customers. Automotive aesthetics place a strong emphasis on customisation and we are happy to tailor any project or service, ensuring the utmost care and full attention. We do not merely want to meet our clients’ expectations. We challenge ourselves to surpass them,” explains Nick.

Nick Chia


Managing Director

As one of Singapore’s most inspirational businesswoman entrepreneurs, Jaycie is the driving force behind the company. Success did not come easy for her, who started her career selling engine oil to automotive workshops. Jaycie went through the proverbial blood, sweat and tears, and endured setbacks and struggles to set up JP Conceptz.  

Armed with a strong business acumen coupled with her determination to succeed in this male-dominated competitive industry, Jaycie is always thinking ahead on how to differentiate the company to bring JP Conceptz to the next level and grow the business. She is not one who eschews hardwork and believes that tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Not just a symbol of empowerment and hope, Jaycie inspires her team to live by the mantra - service with a heart and from the heart. “It is important to keep our customers at the heart of our business, understand their needs and going above and beyond to make sure all our touch points are customer- centric,” says Jaycie. “The success of JP Conceptz lies in our reputation for meticulous, honest work and I empower, train and motivate every single member of my team to do likewise.”

Jaycie Tay