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Jaycie Tay is an inspirational businesswoman and entrepreneur, she is the driving force behind JP Conceptz. Starting out as an engine oil salesperson, Jaycie has propelled herself to build a dependable and trusted automotive workshop. It wasn’t easy and with sheer determination fraught with setbacks and struggles she broke into a male dominated industry. 

“Service with honesty and reliability” is a mantra that Jaycie and her team lives by. Keeping our customers happy with our services, understanding their needs and going above and beyond is the core of our business,. “The success of JP Conceptz lies in our meticulousness and honesty together with training is what drives us to provide the best.

Jaycie Tay


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Workshop Supervisor

Eugene is an industrious highly skilled technician, that is an integral part of the JP Conceptz team. He is skilled in automotive maintenance, repairs and servicing.


An ultimate professional with every vehicle that come under his charge, he goes to great lengths  to ensure that your vehicle leaves the workshop in a timely manner giving you a safe and comfortable ride.

Eugene is multi-lingual and his communication skills goes above and beyond for every job that he does, always keeping your driving safety and comfort his top priority.


Ever upgrading his skills, he keeps himself abreast of all the latest technological advances in the automotive industry.


Eugene Wong

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Our Team

JPC Team comprises of management, customer service, mechanics, panel beaters and spray painters.


The JP Conceptz management has selected this highly skilled team for the various services we provide.


Each and every one has his speciality when it comes to your vehicle needs, be it servicing, repair works, panel beating and other services.


Our team are dedicated to your every automotive needs.

Team JP Conceptz

JPC Team

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